Ooooh, I love this topic. Temptation, it’s one of those things unless we live in a bubble, is unavoidable. And while it may be an issue that is sabotaging your health goals with a few strategies it can be something that, while you’ll still run into from time to time, will no longer deter you from your goals.

Strategy #1 – HYDRATE! I can’t say this enough but more often than not we mistake dehydration for hunger and when we’re dehydrated we’re more likely to crave less-than-healthy-foods. When we’re well hydrated our mind is clear and we’re better able to make good choices.

Strategy #2 – Eat more protein, fiber, and leafy greens. All three help with cravings in 3 completely different ways but when temptation comes along you’ll be much more likely to be able to just ignore it and listen to your body. Protein and fiber help you feel full and satiated while leafy greens are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and when we get plenty of them in our diet our body begins to crave more healthy foods as well as have fewer cravings overall because we have all of the nutrition we need.

Strategy #3 – Pre Plan. I’m a big fan of pre-planning your day vs winging it. When you have a plan you’re less likely to order that pizza or Chinese takeout because you just don’t know what to have for dinner. I actually made an entire list of AHP recipes that I typically have the ingredients on hand to make so if I am ever in a pinch and don’t have a plan I have a backup plan! Planning also makes it so you don’t get over hungry (which often leads to giving into temptation).

Strategy #4 – Practice Mindfulness around food. Remember YOU WILL EAT AGAIN! Think about how eating foods that are good for you makes you feel and think about how you feel when you overdo it. Also, remember you can indulge and you should from time to time. Just be in control of it.

So there you go. My 4 strategies to take control of your health and avoid temptation!

Do you all have any go-to strategies? Share them below!


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