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Real Food Macro Meal Plans

Simple Recipes

Save time with custom meal plans + shopping lists with the click of a button (optional grocery delivery available).

Real Food Macros

No weighing and measuring your food with our real food macro friendly recipes that integrate easily with My Fitness Pal for simple tracking to help you reach your goals!

Delicious Meals

Cook delicious meals that will help you reach your health and weight loss goals while creating dishes the whole family will love.

Learn Exactly How To Calculate Your Macros To Reach Your Goals

We teach you how to calculate your macro needs. Once you have your meal plan you’ll learn how to plug those meals into My Fitness Pal and choose snacks to hit your macro goals. It’s that simple! Grab your groceries using our digital shopping list tool, follow our step-by-step recipe instructions and create delicious real food meals your entire family will enjoy. 

Save Time. Save Money. Reduce Waste.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of what to eat to reach your weight loss goals. We’ve saved you time by giving you a meal plan with a click of a button. You can even skip the grocery store by using Instacart for 1 hour grocery delivery! Only buy what you need and use up what you have on hand! 

What You’ll Get

Personalized Meal Plans
Custom Recipe Suggestions to Fit Your Preferences
Detailed Shopping List to Save You Time and Money
Optional Grocery Delivery with $15 off your first Instacart Order
Time Saving Cooking Techniques
Recipe Codes to Easily Track Your Meals in My Fitness Pal
The Ability to Search for Recipes to Fit Any Need From Our Database of 700+ Recipes
Detailed Nutrition Info for Every Recipe
Step by Step Recipe Instructions 

Recipes for Every Lifestyle

From vegan to paleo we have a variety of recipes to fit you dietary needs. Have to avoid peanuts? Don’t do dairy? Not a fan of fish? No worries! We’ve got you covered. 

From Our Clients

I’ve picked up carb cycling for about two weeks now and I’ve lost 5cm (about 2 inches) during those weeks alone! The inches I thought I would never get off because of my pregnancy. Well was I wrong! I was training before but I never had the right regimen. Thanks to A Healthy Passion I’ve gotten more energetic and it’s easy to maintain once you’ve got the hang of it.


Favorite Recipe - Red Bean Burgers with Carrot Fries AHP 469

“I not only used to hate cooking, but I was afraid of it. Any recipes I found online took forever or were too complicated for a beginner chef. Since I started using A Healthy Passion I see how easy it can be with the right steps. All the recipes are easy, quick, and explained so well” 


Favorite Recipe - Fajita Beef with Broccoli AHP 401

“AHP has made a significant difference in my busy life and in helping me track my macros for TRIM boot camp. It allows me to plan my meals for my family of 6 with way less stress. I can stay on track and everyone is happy. Although I am always finding new recipes we love my favorite will always be the cheesesteak sandwiches, the first recipe my husband and I cooked together on a date night – my husband even had fun cooking with me.”


Favorite Recipe - Cheese Steak Sandwich with Sautéed Greens AHP 007

“Meal planning and shopping using AHP is SO easy! Sometimes I use the custom meal plans and sometimes I make my own. I love having the shopping list right on my phone and it’s so easy to plug the recipes into My Fitness Pal.”


Favorite Recipe - Berbere Pork with Cabbage and Smashed Sweet Potatoes AHP 039

Want More? 

Download our {free} A Healthy Passion Macro Meal Planning Guide 

A Step-By-Step Guide That Will Teach You How To Plan, Cook And Track to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
In This Guide You Will Find:
– How to Calculate Your Macros to Fit Your Weight Loss Goals
– How to Enter those Numbers into A Healthy Passion Meal Planner to Create Custom Meal Plans
– How to Enter Your Meals into My Fitness Pal for Easy Tracking
– How to Fill In the Blanks with Snacks to Hit Your Macros  

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