Life is crazy and it seems to only be getting busier. Anyone else feel the same way? And you’re probably balancing a million things trying to do your very best to keep it all together – me too, girl. One tool I depend on to keep me organized is the new list feature of AHP. I literally make lists for everything so when something comes up I have what I need to look like a rockstar and get things done effortlessly. If I need to know what’s on my meal plan for the week I take a peek at my meal plan list, if I need a recipe to take to a potluck – I reference my potluck list. When I need a great prep ahead lunch, I click on my prep ahead lunches list. It’s seriously the best thing ever.

If you want to start making lists to simplify your life and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle here’s how I do it.

First, I log into my A Healthy Passion and click the “create a list” button found under the “cookbook” tab. 
I then name my list so I know exactly what recipes are on that list making it super easy to find what I need for every occasion.

I’ll then either search for specific recipes using the search feature or I will browse through the recommended recipes in my meal planner by clicking the “recipes” button.

Once I select a recipe I want to add to a list I’ll click the “add to list” button and then when it’s time to shop for that recipe I will go into the list and click the little shopping cart icon so I can add all of the ingredients and pantry items I need to my shopping list selecting how many portions I need to make.

If I have a crazy busy week I will just click the “instacart” icon on the “shop” and have my groceries delivered.

It’s that simple! So who’s excited to start making lists?!




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