You’ll start by clicking “planner” and then selecting which day you’re planning for.

To search individual ingredients type in the ingredient you’re looking for.

For a recipe utilizing a specific ingredient type “chicken recipe”

You can look for specific macros/ calories by typing what’s needed into the search.

Or even all macros at once such as “70 g carbs 50 g protein 10 g fat”

For multiple ingredients recipes you’ll want to type them in with no and or punctuation.

Because protein is a macro to search for protein powder you’ll have to type “powder”

“Recent” or the clock icon brings up recently used items.

The apple icon or “auto” will bring up recommendations to fit your goals.

You can search by lifestyle such as “vegetarian’ “gluten free” or “paleo”.

Searching “breakfast” will help you find our favorite breakfast recipes.

“family friendly’ “prep ahead’ and “instant pot” are also great terms to search!