Life is crazy – I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again, life is crazy. And I don’t know about you all but summer is the absolute worst. I feel like it’s by far the most fun/ relaxing time of year but it’s also the busiest. So I rely on habits and hacks more than ever to stay organized and on track with my healthy lifestyle.

Today I figured I’d share 3 ways to use AHP to make life easier so you can stay on track with your health while making more time for everything else!

#1 Lists! These little guys are  G A M E  C H A N G E R S  when it comes to staying organized and on track with what to cook (it’s the age old question, isn’t it?). I go into alllll the details on staying organized with lists here but I am tellin’ ya  –  when life gets crazy I just pull up a list. Whether I need recipes for the week, a dish to take to a cookout, a 15-minute weeknight meal or a recipe my sometimes picky sister will love I just pull up the list of recipes I have made for that subject and BAM – within a minute or two I have a shopping list – problem solved!

# 2 Shopping List that is organized – Let’s be honest here. Most of the time I make a shopping list I rarely follow it because I don’t have a plan. I hit the store and end up buying all sorts of things that are on sale, look good or sound good. Then I get home and throw them in the fridge and end up wasting half of everything because I really didn’t have a use for it. Sound familiar? Yep.

With AHP everything you buy has a plan for it PLUS the shopping list is super easy to follow and organized. Go through your pantry and remove the items you already have on hand. Add any pantry items that you need for your recipes so you never forget a thing! And when you’re at the store you simply pick something up – cross it off right on your phone. Super organized, right?

If someone else is shopping for you they can just log in to your account and view your list on any device – major time-saving perk. And because it’s digital you always have it with you – so when you have an extra 30 min before you have to pick a kid up you can sneak into the store and grab the groceries for the week no problem!

#3 Grocery Delivery The shopping lists on AHP integrate with Instacart for home delivery so you can skip the store completely and with a click of a button your groceries are on their way to your doorstep. But proceed with caution, this does become quite addicting….. All you have to do is add your recipes to your shopping cart and then click shop —> and then click the big orange instacart button! Double check to make sure all of the ingredients are correct (sometimes instacart pushes specific items) and then checkout! It’s that easy.

So there ya have it – 3 ways to simplify your life using A Healthy Passion so you can stay on track no matter how crazy busy life gets!

Happy Cooking