Today we’re diving into how to use AHP to create your own custom cookbook. This is one feature we were super focused on creating from the very beginning of the development of A Healthy Passion. I envisioned a place where you could go to find all of the recipes you love in one place, super organized and perfect to fit your lifestyle. While we are always making improvements to the tech here’s how you can currently use the software to create your own custom cookbook.

To get started, you’ll first either make a meal plan with your planner feature or go to the search feature and search for a recipe. Let’s say we want to add a salmon recipe you’ll simply type the word “salmon” into the search bar and click enter.

Once you find a recipe you love you’ll click the title and you’ll be taken to the recipe info page where you’ll find an “add to my recipes” button.

Once you click that button that recipe will then be added to your cookbook! If you’re planning on making that recipe in the upcoming week you can also click “add to shopping list” and the ingredients for the recipe will be added to your shopping list.

To view your cookbook you can either click the “search” button and then “view my recipes” or click the cookbook button and “view my recipes”.

Once you click “view my recipes” you’ll be able to scroll through and view every recipe you’ve ever saved. Your very own personal cookbook 🙂

Pretty cool, huh?

Happy Cooking!


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