Whether you’re newly embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey or you’re trying not to get bored with your current plan variety is key to sticking to any healthy lifestyle long-term. But variety (especially when it comes to cooking) can be intimidating, time-consuming and expensive and it can often be easier to just say screw it and stick to the same thing over and over again… if it ain’t broke why fix it, right?

Well, I am here to tell ya, from experience I have seen a TON of women who can stick to the same thing over and over for about 6 weeks and then they get bored. And then they fall off.. And then they bounce back to old habits. You know how it goes – we’ve all been there before.

That’s why my mission with A Healthy Passion is to make variety  E A S Y  because who the heck has time for complicated – not me!

One way to get more variety in your life is by trying new ingredients and recipes. But the key here is to keep it simple. It’s not realistic to overhaul your entire life at once and whether it’s cooking more or trying new foods baby steps are key.

My favorite way to have ladies try new things is using the search bar feature of A Healthy Passion. You can literally search for anything that comes to mind and if there’s a recipe that fits your needs it’ll pop up.

My advice, stick to what you know and add one or two new things in each week. So for example, if you know you love potatoes search for a recipe containing potatoes. There may be a few new ingredients or techniques involved but at least you know you more than likely will enjoy the dish.

Another tip, if you want to try something new, say brussels sprouts, look for a recipe that contains other familiar ingredients so that way the brussels sprouts are the only new ingredient you’re introducing.

If you’re wanting to add more variety into your life I recommend using the meal planner suggestion feature and clicking “recipes’ and the “week” where you can then scroll through and see if anything looks good or exciting to you! Sometimes you’d be surprised at what you’re willing to try once you just take a look.

Again, don’t over commit our you’ll end up disappointed. Make it your goal to cook one new AHP recipe this week trying one new-to-you ingredient. When you’re successful, add another. Make this a habit until you find it just comes easy and you’re cooking more than you ever thought possible!

Just start, take small steps and I am confident you may just surprise yourself.

happy cooking 🙂



ps. have you seen our free meal planner template – download it here!