We all have the best intentions. To get to the gym every day, eat a big salad for lunch, only drink wine on weekends. But then we end up working late, running out of time to pack that healthy lunch, getting a last minute invite to go out for drinks with girlfriends.

Life gets in the way of health.

The solution? We need to change our perception of health and learn to look at things a little differently.

So often things happen that we can’t control. From my own experience, I used to approach my health from an all-or-nothing mindset. Thinking I had to have it all together from working out to eating “clean” and couldn’t miss a day. Eventually, life got in the way and things fell apart. That’s why finding balance is key when creating your healthy lifestyle and understanding that it’s a long term plan instead of a quick fix.

One unhealthy meal or one missed gym session isn’t going to reverse all of your hard work. An entire weekend won’t either. In fact, rest days and occasionally indulgences are essential. Bottom line is health is a collection of behaviors and habits over time and consistency is key. And if you do overdo it move on, don’t let it lead to a downward spiral of bad choices.

Get away from the mindset that you have to be perfect all the time and instead realize that living is part of life. Chocolate, potato chips and wine are meant to be enjoyed on occasion and without guilt.

You also have to incorporate habits that you enjoy. If you hate your workouts you won’t stick to them. If you’re eating the same foods over and over again eventually you’ll get bored. (That’s where AHP comes in)! Creating a lifestyle you love is KEY to not only stick to it long-term as well as enjoy the process.

If you go in with this mindset you’ll never fail and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll enjoy the journey!

How do you find balance in your healthy lifestyle? Where do you struggle?