We’ve made some major upgrades so let’s dive into what’s new around here!!

The first new feature is the ability to now create lists so you can stay organized. From creating meal plans to organizing your favorite recipes you’ll always be able to find what you need. To start, you’ll click the “create a list” button and then name your list.

Once your list has a name simply click “save” and you’ll be able to start adding to it. To add to your list you can search for recipes by clicking the “search” button and typing in an ingredient, recipe name or ahp #. You can also use the quick search buttons to find recipes with some of our favorite ingredients. If you want us to recommend recipes based on your dietary input / macro needs you can click the “recipes” button and see daily recommendations as well as weekly. Once you’ve selected a recipe you like you’ll click on the recipe title and then click ” add to list” where you’ll then select which list you want to add the recipe to.

To view your list you’ll click “cookbook” and then the list icon next to the list you want to view. When it’s time to shop for your recipes you’ll click the little cart icon to add the recipe to your shopping list.

You can select how many portions you need (2,4 or 6) as well as select any pantry items you’re out of to add to your grocery list. To shop you’ll click the “shop” button where you can either shop for yourself or send your groceries to instacart for delivery. To cook you’ll then go to your cookbook, click on the list and then the recipe title where you’ll find step-by-step instructions.

So there ya have it! What’s new around here…. and this is just the beginning :). We have a lot more upgrades in the works and LOVE our customer feedback (which is helping us to make this the ultimate meal planner tool so keep the suggestions comin’).

If you’re ready to upgrade your account you can do so here and start simplifying what to eat to reach your goals.



Kate + the AHP team