I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been working hard behind the scenes and have been completely immersed in what is becoming the NEW A Healthy Passion. It’s not finished just yet but I wanted to share an update of our new planner tool. While we’re technically still in development, it’s becoming functional and I want your feedback as we continue to develop and improve along the way!

You can see that the sidebar still looks similar but the new planner icon is where you’ll now go to build out your meal plans. We still have the search and cookbook list features and have moved the browse button under search as well so that’s all staying the same.

To start planning you’ll select a date. You can plan daily or weekly or monthly! Right now it’s only pulling AHP recipes but we’re adding the USDA database day by day you’ll be able to add anything you eat.

I made the hard decision to add items one by one vs the entire USDA database to help streamline items and brands in the software vs pulling up a million and one apple products when all you really want is to add an apple. While this is a lot more work right now I think it’ll be worth it.

This is also where I need your help with what items to add. Anything from persimmons to Epic sriracha chicken jerky I want to know what foods you eat most often and can’t be left out — just hit reply and I will add them in! I also thought it would be more fun this way to build out a product with the things you need vs overwhelming you with a million products you don’t want. 

We also have a barcode scanner coming soon so stay tuned for that which will be amazing and allow you all to help build the database by simply scanning items  😉

To search you’ll just type into the search bar for the meal you’re planning. You can search by ingredient, by keyword, by macro (ex. 50 g carbs), 15 minutes, etc! Also, again if there’s ever an item you need but don’t see just email me kate@ahealthypassion.com and I can add it for ya :)

You’ll see a list of search results as well as what you need for the day. You can click the checkmark to add the recipe to your planner or click on the title to take a peek at the recipe and decide from there.

If you decide you want it just click the checkmark!

As you add meals you’ll see the daily snapshot of your macros, as well as calories, fiber and net carbs. The bars will track your progress and fill in with color as you hit your goals.

If you click the fork and knife icon and hit enter you’ll get autofill recommendations to help you hit your goals. I have found it’s best to plug in a few things first and then auto-fill the rest. Right now it pulls from anything but we’re working to tag snacks and breakfast so it’ll put the right suggestions in the right places.

Again, this is just the beginning BUT I truly believe this software is going to continue to evolve into the ultimate meal planning tool to help you save time + money and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle and reach weight loss goals.

I’ll be in touch soon as we have more updates but I would love any suggestions / feedback you have – just hit reply!