It’s Tip Tuesday and today I am sharing a tip on how to make the most out of the AHP software to better simplify your healthy lifestyle!

Today I want to share how to use AHP to search by ingredient. Say you have a bag of brussels sprouts that need to be used up or maybe bone-in chicken thighs are on sale at the grocery store.

A Healthy Passion can easily help you find real-food macro recipes that are easy to track with My Fitness Pal.

The first way to search for a recipe using a specific ingredient is to click the search button. You’ll see a search bar where you can type the ingredient and hit enter. You’ll then see an entire list of recipes that contain the specific ingredient. To view more info on the recipe just click the recipe title.

You can also use Sarah to help you find a recipe with a specific ingredient. To do so you’ll want to click the chat box and start out by using the word “recipe”. So to find a brussels sprouts recipe you’ll ask Sarah “recipe brussels sprouts”.

So there ya have it! How to use AHP to search for a recipe using a specific ingredient :)! Have a question you’d like to be featured for Tip Tuesday? Just leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Cooking!