How we use SMS text messages

We all have very busy lives, and since A Healthy Passion is not a subscription service, SMS text messages are the best way to communicate with our customers. Text or SMS messages are an important part of the A Healthy Passion Service. We use them to let you know when new recipes are available or to remind you to place an order or pick up your groceries. However, we do respect our customers and no one wants a bunch of spammy text messages bothering them. Here’s how we text you:


New Recipes and Order Reminders

You will receive an SMS text message each Monday to let you know when new recipes have been added to the menu and on Thursday reminding you to get your order in if you have not already placed one.


Ready for Pickup

We send you an sms text message on your scheduled pick up date so that you don’t forget to get your groceries at Whole Foods Market!


New Rewards

You will receive an SMS text message when you unlock new rewards.


Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup requires SMS text messages. Instructions on how to use curbside pickup and to receive your order are sent via SMS text message.

MESSAGE AND DATA RATES MAY APPLY from your mobile carrier. You may reply to any SMS text message received from EWD or A Healthy Passion with STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT to stop receiving notifications via SMS text message. Only single word replies will be recognized.

If you wish to restart SMS text message notifications from EWD you may reply to a previously received SMS text message with START, YES or UNSTOP. Help with start and stop commands can be accessed by replying with HELP or INFO.

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