When we were developing AHP one thing I felt was really important to help busy women stay on track and reach their goals was the ability to simply track the recipes in My Fitness Pal.

When I first started learning about and tracking my food in college I found at first, I started off tediously entering each ingredient from the meals I cooked from scratch. A few months in I began getting lazy and cutting corners on what I was eating because why add white balsamic, fresh basil, onions, and garlic to quinoa if it takes me extra time to track when I can just suffer through plain quinoa to save some time. Before I knew it I found myself grabbing packaged foods because scanning the barcode was so much simpler.

And then I took a step back and realized that life is meant to be enjoyed and food is meant to be delicious. A Healthy Passion’s Mission is to create real food macro meals that can be easily tracked in My Fitness Pal so you can reach your goals without having to sacrifice the food you love.

One thing I am finding is that occasionally we want to tweak an AHP recipe to fit our goals/preferences and still track. So here’s a little hack on how to swap an ingredient from one of our recipes and be able to track easily!

First, you’ll want to pick which recipe you want to eat and click on the title of the recipe.

You’ll then highlight the ingredients and copy them. 
Go to your My Fitness Pal account and click “food” —> “recipes” —> “add recipe manually”

You’ll then paste the ingredients into the recipe importer, give it a name and put “2” in the servings box. Click “match ingredients” and then scroll through to double check that the ingredients are all accurate. If they’re not correct just click “replace” and type in the ingredient that needs to be searched for. Once everything looks good you’ll click “save” or “save and log it”

If you want to repeat this recipe in your meal plan in the future you’ll just click “recipes” where it’ll be saved! So there ya have it – adapting real food recipes that are easy to track.. yes please!

happy cooking 🙂




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