One of my top tips for improving your health is to add in more leafy greens. They’re loaded with nutrition and have truly transformed the way I feel. I promise if you start adding them to your life you will notice an increase in energy and decrease in cravings. Greens are a regular part of my life and hopefully with a little practice and some new recipes they can become part of yours too!

A few of my favorites are:

Kale – This hearty green is, in my opinion, best thinly sliced and sautéed. It’s also delicious massaged in citrus and served raw.

Collards – These big leafy greens are delicious used in place of wraps and are also delicious when thinly sliced and sautéed with a little red onion and garlic before finishing with a splash of vinegar.

Spinach – I adore spinach served raw and regularly add a handful to my meals. It’s also my green of choice for smoothies and it’s also delightful when cooked with plenty of black pepper.

Swiss Chard – This sweet and tender green is delicious raw when tossed with a little lemon juice and olive oil or thinly sliced and sautéed with lemon peel and garlic.

Cabbage – Probably my favorite of them all! I love to cook down an entire head of thinly sliced cabbage with lots of black pepper, Celtic salt, and Kerrygold butter. It also reheats really well in a skillet so it makes for the perfect quick breakfast!

So here’s how to add more of them into your life. 

The first is to get in the habit of adding a handful to what you’re already eating. Many AHP recipes have greens included but if you’re cooking up a recipe that’s bereft of these beauties, simply add a handful of raw spinach or arugula to the plate, drizzle with some olive oil and you’re good to go.

To use AHP to find green recipes, you’ll first log in to your AHP account and click the search button. You’ll see a search bar pop up where you’ll then type a green you want to try!

For fun, let’s search swiss chard by typing the name into the search bar and clicking “enter”.

You’ll then be able to scroll through the recipes that contain swiss chard and choose one that looks ah-mazing! My tip for trying something you’ve never had before – look for other ingredients that are familiar so you’re not completely overhauling your life but instead taking tiny, sustainable steps!

You’ll then choose a recipe… or two and add the ingredients to your shopping list, hit the grocery store (or Instacart) and start cooking!

It’s as simple as that to add new, healthy ingredients to your life!

Happy Cooking!


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