It’s another Tip Tuesday and today we’re diving into how to use AHP to support a carb-cycling lifestyle! But before we dive in, here’s why I love carb-cycling.

What does Carb Cycling do? Carb cycling allows for planned high carb days that increase your thyroid output and help you control hunger. Because you are cycling your carbs, you will also have low carb days that offset your high carb days. With this type of cycle you will continue to see fat loss, increased energy levels and improvements to your overall body composition. Carb cycling improves insulin levels, helping your body to store less fat. When paired with intermittent fasting and effective workouts, carb cycling can help you break through those dreaded plateaus so you can truly look and feel your very best.

Why Carb Cycle? Long term restriction of carbohydrates and calories can lower your metabolic rate and negatively affect your hormone levels. This is a big reason women find themselves at one of those weight loss plateaus. For a short period of time a significantly restrictive diet will bring you results, however, over time it will cause your metabolic rate to decrease. Once that happens you will see your weight loss stop and will need to restrict calories even further to lose more weight, thus lowering your metabolic rate once again. Not only is this a terribly unhealthy way to live, but it is also incredibly frustrating. So with carb cycling you’re able to see results while also enjoying life and protecting your metabolism.

Now here’s how to set up your AHP account to support your carb-cycling lifestyle!

Step 1 – You can set your macros for each day with A Healthy Passion. To begin add your default daily calorie goal. Ex. 2000

Next, add your goals for your macros – carbs, protein and fat – as a percentage of your total calories. Make sure they add up to 100%.

Step 2 – You can set your calorie and macro goals for each day of the week. You also have the option of setting your net carb goals for the day. This allows you to override your macro goals on your low net carb high-intensity training days. I personally do 50 net carbs on Monday and Tuesday and then stick to my regular macros the rest of the week.

Once your macros are set you can now create a custom, personalized, meal plan that takes into consideration your lifestyle choices, allergies, calorie, and macro goals!

Step 3 – Get custom recommendations for your meal plan by clicking “planner” and then “make me a meal plan”. You’ll then get recommendations for recipes that fit into your carb-cycling goals!

So there ya have it! How to use AHP to carb-cycle. If you want more info on how to create a carb-cycling meal plan download our macro meal planning guide.

Happy Carb-Cycling + Cooking,



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