It can be a little challenging to stick to your healthy lifestyle in social settings when you’re first starting out. Today I want to share some of my  F A V O R I T E  quick and easy A Healthy Passion meals perfect to take cook up for your Easter Sunday Lunch or Brunch. They’re loaded with whole food ingredients that you know will make you feel good (plus they’re totally trackable in My Fitness Pal to keep you on track). And they’re absolutely delicious so your family won’t feel deprived! 

Happy Cooking 



Quinoa Kale Salad AHP014
A super simple yet incredibly zesty kale salad that combines the bright flavors of apples and cranberries with quinoa and sunflower seeds makes for the perfect light yet filling salad on your Easter table. 

Parmesan-Herb Salmon with Lemony Quinoa Salad AHP 444
Few things are as simple but impressive for entertaining as salmon and for some reason whenever I think Easter Menu salmon always comes to mind. Adding a parmesan-herb crust creates a crispy exterior with a melt-in-the-mouth interior. Served alongside a bright, lemony quinoa salad will give your already beautiful fish the partner it and your guests deserve! This dish is super easy to make for a crowd and absolutely delicious.


Shakshuka AHP 173

I love Shakshuka for a crowd because the sauce, which comes together fairly quickly on the stovetop, is where the eggs are gently cracked and then simmered until cooked and then served with some form of toasted bread, pita or challah for dipping. This version strays from more traditional renditions by adding fresh ginger and Swiss chard as well as crumbled goat cheese at the very end to create little pockets of creamy flavor that just melt in your mouth! Prep the sauce in advance and cook the eggs just before serving.

Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Frittata AHP 560
Whether you’re serving dinner, brunch or even prep-ahead breakfast, frittatas should be a go-to in any kitchen. They’re simple, quick and healthy and this combination of eggs, sweet potato, goat cheese, and balsamic-mustard-dressed green salad could even be called elegant! Especially with a nice glass of wine standing beside it!


Farro with Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese AHP038
This hearty vegetarian dish, we combine crispy baked beets with farro, lemon, walnuts, mint, goat cheese and crucially, the beet greens to create the ultimate side salad or main dish perfect for your Easter feast.

Salmon in Parchment AHP005
A light meal with fresh and zesty flavors for any time of the year! The salmon is moist and delicious while the veggies remain fresh and crisp! We love this meal because it’s low maintenance to prepare and requires next to no clean-up!

Greek-Style White Bean and Barley Salad AHP412
A fresh, light springtime salad that’s loaded with a variety of warm weather flavors and textures like chewy barley, creamy white beans, bright lemon, and crisp cucumber. Νόστιμο!

Salmon with Cranberry-Almond Farro and Spinach Salad AHP 600
Pan-seared salmon served atop a warm salad of lightly wilted spinach, sweet cranberries, and chewy farro all tossed in a light, lemony vinaigrette. Another light recipe perfect for brunch or lunch.

Lentil Salad with Potatoes and Asparagus AHP081
Warm wholegrain mustard-roasted potatoes and asparagus come together with green lentils for a hearty salad that’s equally good for dinner or lunch!

Balsamic Pork with Apple and Lentil Salad AHP402 
Read all about it! Apples, lentils and balsamic pork chops have settled their differences and combined to form the mother of all spring salads! They may all have very different flavors but after mediation with lemon and parsley, they’ve realized that life will be better if they all work together!


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