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What to eat and when to eat it are the most important questions for carb cycling diets. To help you get the most out of your healthy lifestyle Sarah, your healthy living personal assistant, can send you a personalized, custom meal plan each week based on your macro and net carb needs. Here’s how you enter your macros to get the most out of your meal plan!

Step 1

Log in to your account and locate the “Settings” menu in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

Step 2

If you have not already make sure you set your Lifestyle Preferences. Sarah will recommend recipes that match your dietary needs.

Step 3

Makes sure you select any food allergies you have so that Sarah can avoid recipes with those ingredients.

Step 4

You can set your macros for each day with A Healthy Passion. To begin add your default daily calorie goal. Ex. 2000

Next, add your goals for your macros – carbs, protein and fat – as a percentage of your total calories. Make sure they add up to 100%.

Step 5

You can set your calorie and macro goals for each day of the week. You also have the option of setting your net carb goals for the day. If your healthy lifestyle includes carb cycling this allows you to override your macro goals on your low net carb high intensity training days.

Sarah can now create a custom, personalized, meal plan that takes into consideration you lifestyle choices, allergies, calorie and macro goals!

Questions or comments?

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