Staying on track with your healthy lifestyle can be challenging, especially if you are balancing a million things like most of us ladies are! The key to staying on track is to PLAN. No matter how great our intentions can be when life gets crazy so often our health ends up on the backburner.

We’ve all heard the phrase “fail to plan… plan to fail” well it’s true. If we don’t put at least a little thought each week towards our health to make sure we have a plan it can be super hard to stay on track.

Like you, I don’t have a ton of time to sit and make some elaborate meal plan or fit in a thousand workouts but I typically devote 1-2 hours each week. And while this sounds like a lot I want you to think about how much time you spend scrolling social media daily – yep, thought so!

Ok, so what 3 things do I do in those 1-2 hours.

1 – I Make my Meal Plan.

I use A Healthy Passion to generate ideas that fit my lifestyle goals. I personally am a mostly vegetarian carb-cycler. Put in your own preferences and get inspiration and ideas to fit your needs. I also track so I plug those meals into My Fitness Pal and fill in the blanks with breakfast and snacks. If you don’t track, skip this step. Then make your shopping list and either send it to Instacart for delivery or plan when you can run to the store. (I typically plan on Friday and shop on Saturday).

2 – I Think about What Ingredients can be Prepped in Advance to Speed up my Weeknights.

For example, if sweet potatoes or spaghetti squash are on my menu I pre-roast them to speed up the meal. If brussels sprouts or kale are on my menu I pre-slice to speed up the meal – get the idea? Also, I prep ahead one or two lunches for my week so I can grab and go. A lot of my lunches come from leftovers but if I know I don’t have enough leftovers I will make something! This typically takes about an hour and I do this on Sunday.

3 – I Schedule my Workouts.

I look at my calendar each week and schedule in my 5 workouts. They become a date with myself, non-negotiable. This takes about 5 minutes and I do this on Sunday as well.

So there ya have it! My plan and how I stay on track with my healthy lifestyle no matter how crazy life gets.



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