A Healthy Passion

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Kate Creates Healthy Recipes Each Week

That actually taste good! Each week we will create a menu of quick and easy dinner recipes that are fresh and flavorful. You choose what meals and pantry items you like and we’ll provide you with the recipes, tips and instructions you need to prepare them at home!

Kate Teaches You Tips and Tricks To Make It Fun and Easy

Health coach, chef and author Kate Horning has prepared weekly videos with tips on how to manage a healthy lifestyle and the demands of a busy schedule. She’ll share cooking techniques and tips to help you in the kitchen and give you tools to stay on track for a practical, sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Whole Foods Market's Experts Shop For You

Our personal shoppers work with Whole Foods Market’s grocery experts to hand select your ingredients. They’re bagged in a convenient reusable bag ready for you to go! Save time, money and stress at the grocery store!

You Pick Up Your Groceries at Whole Foods Market and Cook Amazing Meals


I’m saving money and have lost weight. I love A Healthy Passion!!!!

— Mary


So excited about this!!! It was easy, delicious, beautiful and most importantly EASY! Cooking is very intimidating for someone like me. I am a very busy girl. Too much to do to cook let alone think of something to cook. Thank you for giving us the power to do this for ourselves and for our families!!

— Rachel


I was shocked I actually made something look so good! It was so moist and everything! I never trusted myself as much as I have with your recipes!

— Sarah


Social Media is how I share motivational, educational and inspirational posts each day with my community and fans. I share recipes, cooking tips, and introduce amazing partners that help shape a healthy lifestyle. Look for the hashtag #liveitshareit on your favorite social media platform.

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