Outdoor Workouts and Enjoying Life

Outdoor Workouts and Enjoying Life

I am excited to share another round of questions with my dear friend,  Katie Uhran, fitness lifestyle expert over at She Rocks Fitness. In this month’s conversation I wanted to focus on some of the challenges we all face as the weather begins to warm up and school is out for the summer! I don’t know about you, but as the seasons change my schedule gets busier and I find myself doing a lot more socializing, eating, and drinking while spending less time at the gym. Today Katie shares some great insights to how we can stick to our healthy lifestyles while still enjoying life!

What workout routine would you do outside the gym? Something people can do in a park with little or no equipment.

I love how we think alike when it comes to workouts! With the weather finally warming up, I am all about taking my workouts outdoors. I think it is important to soak up that fresh air, get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and sweat it out…outside. This is a great workout that you can do anywhere. If you work at home and have been sitting for longer than 60 minutes, step away from your desk, go outside, and do this workout, or you could incorporate this into your morning/evening run. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! #moveyourbody See below.

She ROCKS “Spring” Workout

4 Rounds. No Rest. No Equipment

20 squats

2o push ups

40 static lunges (2o each leg)

20 plank: knee to elbow

How do you handle living healthy when you are on the road? How do you eat healthy, get in exercise, etc.?

It is all about planning, when it comes to living healthy while on the road. If I am staying at a hotel, I always check to see what kind of equipment the gym has; local yoga/spin studios that are nearby; and whether there are any parks or trails nearby for a quick run. I always pack my TRX Suspension Trainer. It folds up easily and allows me to do a workout anywhere. Plus, most of my workouts involve body weight exercises so I can always look them up, if I need to get in a quick workout in.

When it comes to eating healthy, I always will pack some plastic bags of oats, protein powder, nuts, chia seeds, dried fruit, and bars. These are always good to have on hand for snacks, but also for prepping meals. When it comes to eating out, I like to be conscious of what I am eating, but also making sure that I am enjoying myself. I do not travel much, but when I do it is usually for vacation, so I make sure that I am giving my body a break from the usual intense training I do and to enjoy the foods and wine of where I am. As y’all know, I like to have fun and sometimes we all just need a break from being so good all the time. Life is way too short, so live it to its fullest! It is important though to find the balance that works best for you, while on vacation or traveling for work.

In what way has our friendship changed or shaped your views on healthy living or creating a healthy lifestyle?

It is truly amazing how many friendships I have made since diving into the blogging and the social media world. There is so much information out there regarding living healthy and creating a healthy lifestyle that it can be overwhelming, but it is also important to be careful about the information you listen too. Just like everything else in life, you have to do your research and figure out what works best for YOU!

When I connected with Kate, I knew that this would be a great relationship. Even though we have not yet met in person, because we are both so busy…Yes, we are 2 crazy awesome entrepreneurs who are DREAMING BIG (one of the many reasons that we get along). One of our DREAM BIG goals is to bring our awesomeness together and spread the word about living and creating healthy lifestyles. This will happen soon!

One of the many reasons though, why our friendship works, is because, I love Kate’s views on living and creating a healthy lifestyle! She is knowledgeable, honest, passionate, and REAL! She is REAL in the way she lives her life…exercises…and cooks. She treats herself to wine, sweets, delicious breads and cheese. Takes care of her body both emotionally and physically, no matter how crazy her life gets. Kate has always been there for me both personally and professionally and I think that our passions for health and fitness are a good balance of how live and enjoy life to the fullest. And yes that means you do not have to give up wine or chocolate chip cookies. We both love them too much!

Ahh as always a big thank you to Katie for sharing how YOU live it every day and share your healthy lifestyle to inspire others! Keep rockin it girl – you inspire me to move my body a little more each day while remembering to enjoy life!  Make sure to check out our last post if you haven’t already! And you can see my answers to Katie’s questions over at her blog.

Katie Uhran is a runner, yogi, cyclist, strength trainer, and healthy chef who works hard, plays hard, and enjoys life to the fullest. She believes you don’t have to give up the things you love to achieve your fitness and health goals. Katie states “It’s about balance. moderation, and learning about what works for you and your body. It takes time, patience, and work, but the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle are worth the sweat and tears. I’m here to train, educate, and support you on your fitness journey.  I love what I do and that’s why I’m here to help all of you achieve your goals!”.

Katie is the owner of She Rocks Fitness, which specializes in personal training, boot camps, and on-line training. Her blog provides inspiration, workouts, healthy recipes, product reviews, and a glimpse into her personal journey. She Rocks Fitness is about training hard, eating well, but still being able to enjoy life and have fun! Katie graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor of Science and major in Kinesiology. She also played on the Division I Field Hockey team all 4 years on a scholarship. She is passionate about running, yoga, strength training, traveling, cooking, and living life to its fullest.

You can find Katie on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram, and can be reached by e-mail at: sherocksfitness@gmail.com. Look for her #sheROCKS around the Internet.

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